Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sam showed me the photo of the bearded young-man dude holding a giant Starbucks cup -- whatever Starbucks calls their giant cups -- in one hand, ostensibly grasping his iPhone in the other.  The foreshortened forearm was the giveaway.  Beneath the photo, homeboy rocked a series of hashtags, one of them being #hipster.  This is #Instagram, BTW.  I #responded #to #Sam...


Regarding Starbucks Chump, any asshole who takes a "selfie" and # it as "hipster" is a fucking asshole chump.  I mean, in general, even though we hate to admit it, you and I fall into the hipster category.  It's hard to deny that, even though we/I deny it.  Why? Because calling oneself a hipster is a fucking moronic act of uncool.  There's no irony when a hipster calls himself a hipster, and even though we're in a post-hipster world, irony is still the fibre of being a hipster.  That's why when we/I deny being a hipster, it's ironic because we're pretty fucking hip, therefore we are actually, you know… hipsters.


...What did Nas say? Oh, right: Hate me now.


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