Monday, March 12, 2012


Sitting in front of me on this streetcar are four girls, probably seventeen-years-old. Their easy banter and trusting rapport mean they are pals.
"But they're doing it as a threesome," says the one with glasses.
I am older than them, so to me, threesome means triple-decker sex sandwich. I listen, while gazing out the window through my sunglasses -- the best action and attire for proper eavesdropping -- for more sordid tidbits from these scandalous teenagers. Instead, they are talking about a friend going on a movie date.
"Threesome is an uncomfortable number," says the one in UGGs.

The point is, one girl is probably Jamaican, one girl is probably Indian, one girl is probably Filipina, one girl is probably British. I grew up multiculturally, I behave multiculturally, and I choose to live only in cities that are multicultural. This is harmony.