Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is fucking ridiculous. More and more I'm making sounds when I sit. It used to be "oof!". Now it's "uerghh..." with my hands on my lap as I bend at the waist.

This is age.

The first time I went "oof!" I was eighteen.


Shango said...

You are singing a song I know well. I used to think it was absurd the sounds my Father made when I was young. I also thought he was a bit lazy maybe that it was hard for him to get out of chairs.

Now, in my 40th year. I have knees that are troubled and chairs are sometimes challenging for me too. I make noises but different ones from my Dad. I sent up the warning flags when I looked in the mirror after a shower and saw his body on me.

More than anything though, I understand what they mean when they say that even though their body is 40, their spirit is still 23. I am as wicked sharp and on the edge as ever. I just kinda wish I could still have the body of 20 years ago too. These are the same thoughts humans have been having for 10,000 years and more. We are all same.

Norman Yeung said...

You will always be 33 to me.

Remember when Ida No from Glass Candy shouted out "33!" with you?