Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's like this:

I was Googling my name to see how Google-able my website is (call it quality assurance) and I discovered that a certain Norman Yeung is blacklisted. National Blacklist Deadbeat Registry: Serving the Escort Community. After some sleuthing I learned that the blacklist website is a directory of bad johns. I tried to check out the New York listings but they don't go as far back as the dates stated on the Google entry. Plus, you gotta be a paid member to read the listings. So I have no idea who that Norman is and what he did. But I do know the following thing:

It ain't me.

During the dates on the Google entry I was being a loving son to my loving family in Vancouver, flying back to Toronto, then getting sun stroke while painting a garage near Queen West and Beaconsfield. Gareth remembers having beers with me. Kathy remembers mopping my vomit. Stay hydrated when it's hot out: the sun is for real.

Am I being paranoid? Yes. Who wants to be mistakenly identified as a blacklisted deadbeat john?


Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know what you did. I have the same issue.

Norman Yeung said...

I blogged.

But only after consulting Sam K., who said:

"I search out people online all the time for work purposes. Generally, with investors, I'm looking for securities frauds, and I've found a few of them. When someone has a common name, I generally give 'em the benefit of the doubt when there are a number of discordant pieces of info (Euro-league basketball player, and missionary in Nicaragua and storyteller for elementary schools may not necessarily all be the activities of the A**** Tomlinson I'm looking for). Luckily, I am a collected and calculating searcher who doesn't jump to conclusions and vets his information across a number of sources.

Quite simply: you are fucked. You may as well get some time with dem NY hos, cuz anyone who searches yr name has already come to that conclusion."

Thanks, Sam K..

Then I blogged.