Monday, September 29, 2008


Remember when everything was extreme or x-treme? It was around the same time that everything was Max or Maxx or, look out: MAXXX! The x-tra Xs didn't mean hardcore thrusting -- they meant hardcore awesome. It wasn't just rollerblades that were x-treme to the MAXXX!; everything seemed to be awesome beyond belief, from razor blades to cola. I can't recall exxxactly when the world's products became so superior... probably around the time of Zubaz to a few years ago. Let's say the '90s. Well, we're far beyond the '90s and things are noticeably less x-treme nowadays. We're living with never-ending wars, innocent people being blown up every day, kids plotting their massacres on YouTube, economies imploding... It's a grim world and we're too anxious to be MAXXX!. Our world is post-awesome. We've lost our superlative spirit. Instead of watching XFL while drinking Pepsi Max, we're watching military funerals while drinking Diet Pepsi We Have An Oil Crisis Let's Tone Down Our Behaviour 355ml.

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vince.chan said...

When I was younger I would like to write the word "Rad" and put a thunder bolt under it. Rad and Awesome don't get used as often.