Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sam Kenny's response upon my announcement to him that I have a blog:

Yeah, but you got to make it interesting frequently. And for anyone to read it, you've got to promote it... by reading other blogs and making blog friends in the "blogsphere" so your "Blog Roll" is full of friends.

As you state, you're a private guy, and that private guy would be a good blogger, featuring topics as:

A girl I saw today who I wanted to get raw with
Girls from the past who I wanted to get raw with
Girls I have gotten raw with
Top 9 tracks to get raw to
Pictures of girls from the internet who I would like to get raw with (and how)
Girls that Sam has indicated he'd like to get raw with, but I find unappealing
Girls in high school I regret never trying to get raw with
Getting raw in a post-9/11 society

Thanks, Sam.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I read this to my boyfriend as I giggled. Then of course we got raw with one another.