Friday, August 22, 2008

EAST VAN, Part One

Me Vince Derrick Niraj Kamlesh Harpal Nick. Our dads' dented Oldsmobiles or green mini van. Cruising down Robson Street real slow Friday nights bumping The Luniz's I Got Five On It. Clowning in car but shut the fuck up and put on the hardcore face when we pass girls. Girls. They don't talk to us but sometimes Niraj calls to them. Then they really don't talk to us. Turn left on Denman, maybe earlier, do Robson again. Bone Thugs, 1st of tha Month... Not sure if a song about welfare's gonna get the girls this time but maybe. Fuck it, let's swing down Richards to Helmcken get some artificial attention from the hookers. Don't play Tupac's Dear Mama they'll think we're pussies put on California Love or fuck it yo put on Warren G. Gawk. Queen Elizabeth Park. Lie on the roof and hood of the Olds. Look up... stars. Smoke some weed. Keep the windows rolled down doors open. Dove Shack. Summertime in the LBC. Bass vibrating our backs. Bump it. Louder. Stars. Sssshhh... don't talk just lie there and listen to the music with your homeboys. It's 1996 we're gonna finish high school we're from East Van we're invincible

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