Saturday, August 23, 2008


You know how on your Facebook profile it randomly shows six of your friends, you know, in the column that says "518 Friends" or whatever? I started looking for commonalities between the random chums. Now I have a game, and you're gonna love it 'cause it's so lame.

1. How many of them have I had sex with?
2. How many of them have I made out with?
3. How many of them have I dated?
4. How many of them are mad hottness?
5. How many of them do I wish you never goddamn contacted me I never seen you in fifteen years for a reason?
6. How many of them have I had sex with?

...You get the idea. The categories are endless. Play with friends. Compete. Go ahead and refresh your browser. Lots. Play often. Like Yahtzee or celo.

I'm going for 6/6.

NOTE: ...Now it's days after I posted that post. This game ain't really gonna work. I'm never gonna get 6/6. Not with people like my pal Owen C. popping up all the time. I don't wanna have sex with him or make out with him or date him. I guess he's kinda mad hottness, but still...

Thanks for ruining my 6/6, People Like My Pal Owen C.

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